Welcome to the Capital Campaign for the renovation of the Surrey House as the new home of the Harrison District Library.


The Need:

            • Cramped conditions - limited public seating

            • Lack of complete handicapped accessibility

            • Lack of handicapped parking areas

            • Lack of parking and easy access

            • Lack of community gathering space

            • Lack of space to store and display important Harrison historical documents

            • Lack of space expand and utilize our Children and Teen book collections.      


The Goals:

By renovating the Surrey House will again become a community-gathering center for our community, preserving this beloved local landmark, and offering parking and
greater access to library services to our community.


The project will:

            • Provide handicapped access to the library

            • Expand the children’s area

            • Expand adult services area for greater accessibility, more technology and
               additional gathering and meeting spaces

            • Provide for a special local history collection and a dedicated room to display
              historical information for the community to access.

            • Provide for adequate staff work space and storage.


The Funding:

We have an ambition project but one that is attainable and deserved by our community. Our goal is to raise $650,000 in donations and grant support. 




Harrison District Library - Surrey House Renovation Project Fund:
To provide for the design, development, and renovation of the Surrey House as the new location for the Harrison District Library.  If monies remain in the fund upon the completion of the building renovation, it is intended that the fund be converted into the designated endowment, the purpose of which will be the upkeep, maintenance of the library building and to support the general mission of the Harrison District Library.

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